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External Experts gives you the option to ideate aggressively - whether it is your brand identity, functional improvement or marketing strategy. We help you use technology in the way that makes your website useful, fun and share worthy. Our web development services are designed to build a marketing vehicle for you that delivers results efficiently.To make your content attractive, we develop tools for your website, so that you can drive engagement through videos, gaming applications and networking features.

We have the solution that will maximize your website interaction from every touch point. You may need brand-specific applications, web portals for user participation or automatic updates for various processes. External Experts comes with the right expertise in choosing frameworks and web-development methods. To suit your business, we ensure your website development is implemented on a comprehensive scale.

Web development for immersive marketing

In times that are putting a heavy thrust on digital evolution, immersive techniques from the days of 'traditional marketing' are gaining importance across the board. The ability to surround the consumer with a consistent message about a brand determines how successful a brand becomes. That is why website development agencies in India, and other countries, are focusing on an all-round digital experience.

The term immersion marketing or immersive marketing includes traditional advertising, public relations, word-of-mouth advertising, digital marketing, samples, coupons, retail partnerships and other ways of surrounding the individual consumer.

Web development service at External Experts uses responsive web design (RWD) for your site to reach maximum devices, achieve interactivity, and thus, increase brand loyalty once smart engagement tactics are in place. The immersive experience rests on being able to make individuals feel that staying connected with your brand is easy and beneficial.

Responsive web design

As individuals rely on their personal devices more and more every day, it is important that your web strategy embraces responsive design. No matter what your website theme, coding a webpage requires the support of developers with expertise in responsive web design. It makes your brand available to a diverse set of users, irrespective of their platforms, screen sizes and orientations.

Whether you need a B2B web portal development, e-commerce web development, brand-specific templates or project-specific features, 's responsive web designers have the expertise. We deliver the functionality your brand needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Monetization from web development

As a web development agency, we prioritize keenly on your website monetization capability. It is of deep interest that a website fetches you return-on-investment through unique ways. Through our services, we ensure you are able to track your profits - be it through products, services, vendors or advertisements.

A higher revenue from your website is based on your ability to produce greater traffic and all our web development efforts are directed towards precisely that. We believe in focusing on your organization while determining which method delivers a greater monetization capability.

However, it is important that you focus on user-centricity by creating more website value. Quality features, content and functionality help create the all-important stickiness, and thus brand loyalty.

User interface & experience (UX & UI)

In the app world we live, a website's value is highly dependent on its usefulness and the ability to engage. 's web development experts use dynamic programming languages to provide interactive features and engagement tools.

While your brand may already be equipped with a website, SQL/MySQL tools, resources and applications, any web development agency will recommend that you make your website ready - for multiple devices and the evolving technology environment. That involves changing web user interfaces for a more tech-savvy, responsive design and a smarter approach.

We focus on your objectives to align our web designing strategy - so that you directly improve efficiencies and maximize returns from web-based activities. relies on an evolutionary approach to meet your needs consistently.

Whether it is rich content, dynamic functionality or interactive tools, we are committed to maximum user satisfaction and minimum stress.

Customize with the flow

This web development agency offers effective solutions to help multiple industries. We cut costs and take a customer-centric approach. Using our technical capability, we offer you web assets that help you stand out in the industry. We also design systems that will not just nourish your objectives, but evolve to host more users and improve loyalty in your niche.

It is important that your digital marketing approach focuses on flexibility, networking, and user-friendliness.

dot net

We choose software frameworks that are used for high-end B2B and B2C web-based organizations. Programming with efficient JavaScript-based platforms like NodeJS helps us create real-time web applications, video engagement strategies and more. Object-oriented languages and scalable web applications are also part of the mix at .

Our key focus

  • Service oriented architecture
  • Big data & machine learning
  • Intelligent reporting

As data generated grows tremendously, we make sure you are able to improve depth of understanding and find the best outcomes through data-driven strategies.

We are committed to providing you a scalable architecture at a low cost. It allows you to enjoy intelligent inputs as part of your managerial, sales and interactive activities.

The development technique used at draws its strength from the depth of experience. Our experts are efficient at multiple web development tools. They help us offer you a rich bouquet of capabilities - and also bring you a new level of transparency across your business.

How to go about it

Call us for consulting

We first focus on discovering your objective and capacity to grow. Upon contacting , you will be finding our consultant do both - understand your expectations and suggest growth strategies after investigating suitable avenues.


Once the objectives are set, our web development experts determine the contingencies and retrieval methods. We calculate the risks and develop an outcome-based, transparent roadmap.

Development to Delivery

Accountability measures are taken to provide the best web development implementation. We ensure that the functional testing phase is carried out minutely and stay committed to developing smarter techniques. Choosing the right architecture for your web development allows you to have a hassle-free pre-delivery experience. We provide a partnership-based service for website development and monitor its performance for best results.

Contact our Bangalore-based company - we serve all major cities in India - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.


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