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External Experts is a digital marketing agency & digital marketing training institute in Bangalore established in 2015. We provide services to companies, domestic and international clients, helping them achieve tangible results from their marketing efforts. Across industries, External Experts has always relied on data-driven strategies and the expertise required to promote brands on multiple platforms. We are a tech-savvy digital marketing agency with experience in overcoming challenges and implementing the most modern marketing methods.

Why Work With us?

External Experts stands out for strict campaign policies. We believe that only facts matter when it comes to producing results and thus, develop our digital strategies based on solid data. Our clients value us for our transparency into marketing results and the zeal for new challenges.

  • Focus on results
  • Transparent revenue data
  • Impact on your user segment
  • Culture of openness and curiosity


Know Your Requirement

Know Your Requirement
Tell us your requirements. We are here to listen to your business aspirations and develop a purpose-oriented path for greater marketing ROI and your brand exposure.

Quantify & Analyse Your Requirement

Analyse Your Requirement
We stay focused on tangible goals based on your business aspirations and use a data-driven process to quantify them. We provide you insights into your real potential based on solid research on campaign strategies.

Analyse Niche Competitor Strategies

Analyse Niche Competitor Strategies
Use our expertise to understand where you stand between competitors and beat their marketing through intelligence-based strategies. Get us to create the best-fit marketing mix for your business.

Budget And Roadmap

Budget And Roadmap
Get the complete marketing plan that will achieve specific results and see if they justify your business targets. Approve it and embark on a worthwhile journey to success.

Project Initiation & Execution

roject Initiation
We begin executing your project as planned using the tools, methods and platforms agreed upon. We ensure you get to have a transparent view of the process.

ROI & Results Monitoring

We make regular reports on your campaigns to let you understand the outcomes in detail. We continuously track your campaigns and map the returns from your marketing investment in near real-time.

Refining Strategies For Better Results

Refining Strategies For Better Results
We encourage you to maximise your potential by refining campaign strategies despite having reached your goals. We help you take your brand to the next level.

Final Reporting & Results

Final Reporting
Get the final report on improvement in views, leads, sales and ROI.

We’ll Make Your Web Marketing! More Efficient!

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We help you generate high-quality online sales leads by implementing highly structured, persuasive Internet marketing campaigns.
subha kumar



I am highly adept in all areas of the digital realm with a thorough understanding of the latest trends and marketing behaviour. An experienced and passionate digital marketer, my expertise lies in devising innovative and result-oriented solutions for businesses and offering training courses to set you on the path to success. With significant expertise in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing (Featured), SMM, Project Management, SEO, online marketing, SMO, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Advertising, Email Marketing and more, I am well-versed to help you improve your digital skills.



I am an experienced digital marketer with extensive knowledge of every sphere of the digital landscape. With a demonstrated history of working with clients from across various platforms, I have the skills to increase brand presence, generate leads and take businesses to the peak of digital success. I have an in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing (Featured), SMM, Project Management, SEO, online marketing, SMO, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Advertising, Email Marketing and can devise effective strategies to transform your online presence and make your digital goals a reality. I understand that businesses have constraints and have successfully designed plans to suits their precise needs. Whatever be the size, industry or business model, I can improve your digital results.

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