Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Irrespective of scale, for businesses including startups and multinationals, there is no better way than the email to economize - and maximize ROI at the same time. In the digital world, reaching people by email is cheap, non-intrusive, and fortunately data intensive to help the accuracy rate.

Getting it right means no different from 'striking gold' at times!

External Experts is a comprehensive and user-friendly email marketing services provider based in Bangalore, India. We help you keep a low bulk email budget and increase your strategic depth. Our objective is to help you find the most efficient route to conversions. As one of the better email marketing companies in Bangalore, External Experts provides you bulk email services with marketing tools, templates, automated systems and metrics. Intelligent reporting tools and in-depth analysis are among our better capabilities to help you have a transparent relationship with your brand's prospects.

email marketing

What We Will Do For You?

We are also committed to improving the quality of your email data. We perform list quality management and help you achieve a high conversion rate, whatever the objective.

grow your business

Our objective is to help you find the most efficient route to conversions. As one of the better email marketing companies in Bangalore, External Experts provides you bulk email services with marketing tools, templates, automated systems and metrics. Intelligent reporting tools and in-depth analysis are among our better capabilities to help you have a transparent relationship with your brand's prospects.
Get the expertise you need

- Programmed emails
- User profile implementation
- Continuous testing of lists and content
- Data-driven recommendations
- Real-time reporting

No more unsubscriptions. Engage your audience via mail!

Find out how your business is doing with respect to leads and the sales potential.

External Experts Email marketing strategy

We believe that unique requirements need unique solutions. Our bulk email service is packaged so that you can compare and check for the cheapest option - based on your selling proposition, engagement model and potential of products and services. Whether it is basics for beginners, expert tricks or the best pricing advantage, we work with you to establish the right connect. You can also access a free sample of the content (newsletter, infographic, sales pitch, etc.) and only then choose to start.

What to expect from External Experts bulk email service

Bulk email service is a cost-effective way to promote, connect and network with large markets. We rely on programming expertise, content expertise and technology. Using scalable architecture of cross-platform email marketing, we implement the best practices and effective strategies to maximize your reach, clicks and opens. We do the groundwork to help you stay at relevant touch points. You brand with us will let your customers engage better. As a result you will enjoy maximum leverage from a modest investment (email being inexpensive as a tool).

Being in the digital business requires us to be backed by a well-informed system. In this area, we believe that data is the key to finding people who are likely to be your customers after reading your email.

List improvement, data-driven subject-line testing and real-time relevance of content are the pillars on which we commit ourselves to your email marketing success.

The higher the relevance, the more a customer is likely to show brand loyalty.

We believe in complementing email marketing services - not just with data pruning - but brand recall too. Although reaching a relevant prospect's mobile or desktop is great, 'promoting to remind' has positive effects to boost your results. Your email-based campaign finds strong support in a variety of ways. Social media strategies, offline marketing and the well-timed word-of-mouth - it is all available at External Experts.

More is less.

Bulk email marketing is popular as reaching a higher volume of recipients is relatively cheaper as per market rates. However, we keep in mind that list quality is an important factor too. It is why we recommend performing data management appropriately and repeatedly.

Know what your email campaigns are doing.

Analytics is the foundation of successful email marketers and email marketing agencies. It is what drives improvement in campaign results. Without analytics, it is easy to frequently feel in the dark about your brand's overall image.

How we handle the 'bulk'?

For our email marketing services, our objective is centered on interfaces that appeal to most people. We conduct studies on recipient behavior to improve their experience with your emails. We handle requirements with expertise in HTML/Text Messages with and without enhancements such as image/video/large attachments/etc. Automation drives a big part of any email campaign that External Experts. delivers.
You can go for small, effective email marketing campaigns - or choose a more consistent approach that is flexible and on-the-go as your objectives keep materializing. That is how we partner with you for greater value at External Experts.

It's a competitive world, digitally!

Any email marketing agency in India knows that it is not just about sending emails. It has a lot to do with understanding people and their multiple preferences as per segments. Culturally, economically or otherwise, data mining for your bulk email marketing is serious business. Accurately identifying preferences puts you in the lead. We help you to get through the labyrinth of prospecting quite easily. Rely on us for smart targeting through automated email marketing. When it comes to delivering bulk emails, we choose the right partners to help your budget stay low, push the revenue up and create a consistent brand persona.

Email marketing v/s older, more 'direct' methods

Our perspective is that traditional or direct marketing has an impact - it is not going anywhere. However, the touch point of today is far more deeply embedded in the digital orb. A letter box shares hardly any proximity with the individual, as does a mobile phone or a desktop.

Some email marketing tips
Don't forget consistent brand positioning
Save the effort through smart, programmable content
Personalize - there's ample data to do it
Prune your lists frequently before sending emails
Get the technical expertise and the right platform
Test your emails before sending them
External Experts is equipped to touch the right nerves of email recipients based on their digital footprint. By relying on data aggregation, we help you personalize your brand's message. As an informed bulk email marketing agency, External Experts helps you create valuable conversations. It is to prevent your email from getting classified as just one in the plethora of others in a person's inbox.

Keep the conversation going

Our bulk email marketing strategies are comprehensive for the long run. We focus on developing emails that are relevant to contexts, people and their positions in the sales pipeline. Tracking their activities and feeding their interests are crucial to your email strategy bearing fruit.E-marketing begins with a solid first step. It needs to be backed by metrics, rich ideas, effective writing and a professional campaigning benchmark. Relying heavily on data, we can identify likely prospects of your brand consistently. Only that way do we create bespoke email campaigns on a regular basis. It offers the right people the right product or service - and that's what makes them happy. We ensure that your brand is able to read customers and address their requirements again and again!

Improve the click-through

A well-timed email to the right audience can improve your success rate - whether it is to have them download your mobile app or visit your website for something special. However, the whole exercise is mainly dependent on two factors:
To-the-point, relevant content
Value of apps and landing pages (blogs, banners, product pages, vendor lists, download links, etc.)
Intelligent email marketing tools drive the strategies here at External Experts. What you have to pitch, to whom and when, depends on a multitude of data, which we are capable of harnessing. External Experts email marketing service is able to maximize your click-through rates by creating value, rich features and identifying the right prospects in advance. We help you understand the right trends and what will click for your corporate objectives the best.

Boost your email marketing

Advantages of email marketing is a vital area that we encourage our customers to explore.

What is email marketing and how to do it can be a puzzle when technology changes fast. At External Experts, you ride the trends.

Although our services are customized according to your requirements, the scope and various possibilities within the email marketing industry are important to understand.

Cool graphics, creative ideas, real-time metrics and automated email marketing are not just trends, but the necessities of today.

Professional email marketing service at External Experts puts you in a valuable partnership with us. We define the goals with your keenness and develop an email marketing strategy plan that delivers the goods.

email marketing
email marketing

Email marketing - the power you need

Most people have their digital footprint based around their email IDs - almost as a unique identifier! And more people are signing up every day. This is one great opportunity for marketers to get up to speed for identifying their true potential. It is often found successful email campaigns delivering as high a conversion of one-third of the total recipients - based on a single email's strategy. So brace up!

Striking the right chords with the customer through email marketing helps your brand stay connected with prospects and patrons. It gets easier with every context-based communication to induce the customer to engage with your brand.

As a bulk email services provider based in Bangalore, we are committed to making your life with digital marketing simpler.

We are ready to serve you irrespective of your location. You may be in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Chennai, but we are accessible from anywhere.

Get our help - choose from the best of bulk email service packages!


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