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If your sole intention is to get more customers and increase sales through online marketing, PPC or Pay Per Click is the way to go. Search Engine Marketing, or SMM as it is commonly called, is all about placing relevant ads strategically on search engines, so that people find your brands when they search for product with necessary keywords. PPC is one of the critical components of online marketing campaign, and contrary to what many people believe, PPC services don’t cost a bomb.

As the best PPC management company in Bangalore, External Experts intends to offer affordable services for clients, including small brands. In fact, we are one of the few digital marketing agencies that offer PPC for small businesses and startups. When you are not sure of where to start, we can launch the campaign and help your brand with ROI and online visibility.

Does my brand need PPC Services?

This is one question that we get the most. Most brands and website owners believe that SEO and social media marketing are enough to generate buzz and sell products. While there is no denying that organic marketing using social media platforms and SEO has its own benefits and does enhance the appeal and reach of a company, generating sales does require PPC.

Working with a PPC agency allows you to buy ads on search engines and work around keywords that are most relevant for your niche and industry. Basically, you are paying Google to place your ads on the right areas on a search, so that customers can click on the product link and reach your website.

Easy to guess, PPC works perfectly for conversions and lead generation, and you only pay for the clicks. PPC is scalable and extremely budget-oriented, and since we specialize in offering digital marketing services for small business, we work for diverse requirements, regardless of the niche and client’s current online image.

We work the way you do. Budget friendly PPC Advertising

Find out how your business is doing with respect to leads and the sales potential.

Why work with External Experts?

External Experts doesn’t believe in selling fixed packages to clients. Every project/lead is equally important to us, and regardless of whether you need SEO or PPC services, we start with a website audit. If your website is not designed right, marketing efforts are unlikely to yield good results. We also offer web development and website design assistance besides Google Adwords management services. Our team is not just concerned about setting a PPC campaign, but we also help in optimizing strategies, so that you spend every penny in the right direction. We are also one of the few companies that offer regular readable reports for clients, so that they can understand how SEO and PPC efforts are working for their website and brand.

Still wondering what is PPC and if it will work for your company? We can help you decide. We offer a FREE & NO-OBLIGATION proposal for PPC, and our team will do a website audit, so that the basic aspects of online marketing, SEO and PPC can be decoded. Your brand is special, and we ensure that the target audience finds the products that you intend to sell.

PPC is the most effective, cost-oriented way to sell better online, and being seen is the first step towards improving ROI and Cost per Conversion. To know and find more on how our PPC services have helped other clients, please call us for references. We are open about sharing our vision and expertise, and we are open to working on every budget.


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